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a fairfax county wrestling official is arrested after a three-month-long investigation. good evening. >> the man lives in lorton. he referees middle and high school wrestling mahes. tonight neighbors are stunned after learning of his arrest.
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jackie bensen is at theairfax county police headquarters with more on this. >> reporter: jim, the investigation began as the result of a house fire. after a june fire this townhousen green heron way in lorton, virginia, firefighters entered the home next door to determine if the blaze had spread. they made a disturbing discovery. photos spread out on a table. >> what they suspected to be child pornography. they notified the police departmentnd we conducted an investigation. >> at first we thought it might have been hoarding. >> reporter: at least one neighbor noticed an unusual level of police activity that day. >> we saw a bunch of police go in there. a bunch were sitting here waiting and waiting and waiting. they filly came out with probably seven to nine boxes of stuff. >> reporter: after a three-month-long investigation, a warrant was issued, charges 51-year-old mark barget th ten counts of child pornography.
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he's a part time wregling official judging middle school and high school wstling matches. the wrestling association issued a statement that says he has been placed on indefinite suspension during the coure of the investigatio if these allegations are true, this sort of activity is highly inappropriate for anyone to be involved with, especially for someonwho deals with children. barget was arrested sunday after being involved in an unrelated traffic accident in fairfax county. >> during the investigation of that traffic crash, the officer nt and arrested him on this warrant. >> reporter: barget is a firefighter for t washington metropolitan airport authority. he has been plac on administrative leave pending the outcome of the police investigation. jim, back to you. >> thank you. two children are in the hospital with serious injuries tonight after being hit by a car this afternoon. it happened about 5:00. witnesses say the two children
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were crossing polk street near kennelworth avenue. family and friends want answers aft a devries university student was killed this weekend. police found her slumped inside a car with a gunshot wound. she was rushed to the hospital but died. friends say mckra went to birthday party at a nightclub in northeast. >> she don't have no enemies. i just don't know why. >> mckra was last seen leaving the club wit a man. a man suspected in a series of stabbings appeared in court to face new charges today. he now faces a murder charge and four new charges of attempted murder. police think he stabed 20 victims in the flint, michigan, area. five of the victims died. the 33-year-old suspect is also
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accused of stabbing two pele in leesburg after attacking another man with a hammer last month. all of his victims were either black or dark colored. today president obama faced angry americans in a town hall forum about the economy at cnbc. the president said he opposes extending former president bush's tax cuts for people making more than $250,000 a year. mr. obama also said he's planning to institute a three-year freeze on some spending. >> the challenge is, is that the hole was so deep that a lot of people outhere are still hurting. >> i voted for a manho said he was going to change things in a meaningful way for the middle class. i'm one of those people, and i'm waiting, sir. i am waiting. i don't feel it yet. >> although many are still waiting, the recession apparently was -- has officially been over f quite some time. a panel tracking the timing of recessions says it ended in june
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of 2009. you could win someoney in powerball's $116 million jackpot on saturday. and not even know it. the d.c. lottery ward made a mistake. this weekend the winning numbers were 1, 18 37, 39, 34. the issue was the powerball number. it was not 14. the story of how this all got so mixed up. >> if you played one of these saturday night, this time 13 was lucky. tonight, lottery officials say this is a teachable moment. it gives them a reason to re-examine some of the fail safes they have in place to make sure that accidents like this don't happen again. >> i don't want everybody teing my numbers. >> reporter: so may whitfield would not tell us which powerball numbers she played saturday night. tim morris uldn't either. but the self-described die hard powerballer did tell us why he's so confused. >> powerball -- i came yesterday
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and it was 14. andhen i came today. somebody told me they made a mistake. >> reporter: the cashierried explaining what happened to several customers monday. players like morris want answers. >> is this human error or computer error or machine error? how did it happen? >> reporter: we took his question straight to the top. >> we know it was human error. we know that the wrong number was input by mistake. the powerball number, the very last number, was 13. that was the real number. but for som reason, the number 14 was input to the vendors, to the retailers who pay out on the winning numbe. >> reporter: that was saturday night. by the time they dscovered the problem, it was late sunday morning. that meant even with the wrong powerball number, some folks got lucky. >> if they had the number 14, they went to ch the ticket, they got a win. they wouldn't have otherwise. >> reporter: d.c. lottery shut
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down the system from 11:45 sunday morning until about 9:00 sunday night to figure out how to fix the problem. only a handful of players were affected. in fact, th lottery lost less than 800 buck >> we're grateful that it wasn't worse. i can tell you it will not happen again. >> reporter: little comfort to some folks who wor the big o may have gotten away. >> i just hope those tickets i threw away weren winner >> reporter: today buddy told me they got about a dozen calls this morning. no one said they thought they had thrown away a winner. he also said this is the first time something like this has happened in the district. we should note no d.c. powerball tickets won more than $100 saturday night. back to you guys. >> mine certainly didn't. >> you're here, so i guess not. >> there's evidence. still ahead in our broadcast tonight, a final farewell to a civil rights pioneer. >> message on a t-shirt is sparking controversy at a store in cider mall in maryland.
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beer and wine stores could be popping up in a montgomery county town dry for centuries. all cell phones emit radiation. how about your phone? a beautiful day out there today with a high of 81 degrees. temperatures are going to cool off big time tonight. big warmup is in the forecast as well. i'll show it to you in a minute. coming up in sports, the saints and ers renew and old rooifry on monday night football. the nationals try to avoid a fourth straight loss. redskins hey, ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas? capital one bank. they're everywhere. ♪ yeah, you're right! [ horns honking ]
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imagination and reality have merged. because of one word, new generation-- a fifth generation-- of fighter aircraft has been born. because of one word, america's air dominance for the next forty years is assured. that one word... is how. hundreds of people got together today to celebrate the life of a civil rights pioneer. lawmakers, friends and family were among the crowdor the funeral of dr. ronald walter. the funeral was held at thehy
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low baptist church in northwest d.c. back in 1958 walters organized a sit-in at a drugstore in his hometown of wichita, kansas. he was 20 years old at the time. that store ended up reversing its whites only policy and his protest became a model for the much more celebrated woolworth lunch counter protest in greensboro, north carolina, in 1960. dr. walters would go on to become a renowned scholar and widely syndicated newspaper columnist. he was 72 years old. the fate of a proposal to open the doors to beer and wine stos in tacoma park could be decided late into the night tonight. the city council there has to draft a resolution tonight if it's going to make it in time for next week's vote. e meeting is still under way. tama park has been dry since it was founded. the council there is considering lifting the ban and attaching a condition to make sure the city gets veto power over who gets the licenses. immigrant rights and free speech rights are at the center of a controversy in frederick,
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maryland, right now. it all began when a store inside he francis scott key mall began selling a t-shirt with a message supporting arizona's tough stance on illegal immigration. some complained that the message, which reads "maryland stands with arizona" was offensive. the mall sent the store a letter telling it to stop selling the shirts. earlier tonight, management of the mall reversed its position. it said the letter was a mistake and should not have been sent. still ahead on news 4, cell phones emit riduation. many of us don't know about the levels of radiation. liz crenshaw has a special report, next. a robber left behind a trail that led the police right to him. plus, warmer temperatures
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ever since cell phones became a necessity and not a novelty, there have been confcting opinions on whether the radiationhey emit is harmful. >> now there's a cityon th west coast that nts reil stores to post the amount of radiation generated by the phone that they sell. liz crenshaw with more on this. >> most people have no idea their cell phone has a special number. no, i'm no talking about your phone number. this is a number that measures how much radiation your phone emits. san francisco wants consumers to kno that number before they buy the phone. which raises the questions, what's the number mean? and do i need to worry about it? >> i ki of get some anxiety when my cell phone i taken away from me. >> reporter: we're a cell phone addicted society. >> i text a lot at work. i wish i could stop. it's hard. >> reporter: we spend hours on our phones, talking, texting, e-mailing, tweeting.
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while most experts agree there is no conclusivevidence that cell phones are dangerous to our health, cell phones do emit radiation. >> the cell phone radiates energy in the form of electromagnetic waves. >> reporter: peter paris is an electroengineering professor at george mason university. he says cell phones emit the same nd of radiation that your microwave oven uses to cook food. but what comes out of your cell phone is much less powerful than a microwave. >> a cell phone tnsmits on the order of up to a watt of power. a microwave oven uses 12 times that energy. >> reporter: the amount of radiation a phone generates is quantified in a number called the specific absorbtion rate or f.a.r. theederal communications commission says the sar must be
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below 1.6 watts per kilogram. why would the fcc have a top liit for this sar number? >> by limiting the amount of energy that is pen penn traetra your head, you limit the amount of temperature increase that you might experience as a result of using a cell phone. >> reporter: cell phone manufacturers say as long as the phone meets fcc standards, there's no reason for concern. >> there's no safe, safer, safest at any device at 16 or lower is condered safe. there's no differee between them. >> reporter: others disagree. a scientist with the environmental working group says her main concern is for children. >> what it means for their long-term health, especially since they'll be using phones for all of their life having started young, the questions remain. >> reporter: if you want to limit your exposu or your child's exposure, experts say
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there are a few simple things you can do. use an ear piece fo long conversations. text instead of talking. that keeps the phone away from your head. limit phone use when your signal is weak. better reception means the phone doesn't have to generate as much energy to reach the tower. if i took your cell phone away, what would happen? >> i'd probably have a mini meltdown. >> reporter: she and everybody else. you can find your phone's sar number. its not as simple as looking for it on a big piece of packaging. the manufacturers list them on their websites. i found mine buried in my owner's manual. the fcc has them listed on its site. not a simple thing to do. i think worrying about the kids is not a bad -- >> did you say text more? >> text more than talk if you have to choose. i know kids who sleep with their phones. let's move them a little farther away from their heads.
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>> thank you, liz. doug's here with our weather forast. heating up later this week? >> will. tonight a cooldown. tomorrow you may be pulling out the jacket. by wednesday putting the shorts back on and the sandals back out of the cset. >> confusing. >> that's what happens this time of year. with the seasons, of course, mother nature fighting with winter. winter's on its way. still wanting to hold on to a little bit of summer. let's show you what's happening out the right now. summer, that brings a strong storm. that was hurricane igor that made its way into bermuda. actually downed aouple of boats out there. they had a lot of surf and a lot of sfloflooding problems but nol ig damage. what did it do to the mainland united states? this. this isff the coast of massachusetts. look at these monstrous waves out there. of course, you get big waves and you get these guys going out to surf them. great day for surfing all up and down the east coast all the way from florida, all the way up through maine. the good news is the weather was good. again, rip currents could still be a problem. a great night out there tonight. once again, we are going to cool
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down quickly. 81 was the high today. 67 the morning low. a bit breezy today, but still a great day. temperaturewise out there right now, we're at 67 degrees. humidity, 47%. winds out of the northeast at six miles per hour. temperaturewise ware starting to cool down. 54 in frederick and monasses. 66 in buffalo. very cool. 100 in memphis. very hot. we're going to get the cool air first. in behind it here comes the warmer air. yes, definitely a changing of the seasons between cool today, more like fall, to more like summer over the next couple of days. there goes igor. in behind it nothing but sunshine and nothing but clear skies tomorrow. nice weather settling on in here dung the day tomorrow. once again, a day kind of like today with a little less wind. here comes the heat. back into the 90s. maybe, maybe a heat wave if we hit 90 on thursday. also expecting it on friday. clear skis and seasonably cool
11:21 pm
night. for the day tomorrow, warming up rapidly. you may need the coat early. you'll be able to take it off by around 9:00, 10:00. another great day with plenty of sunshine. 89 to 80 degrees. 92 on wednesday. 88 on thursday. if we hit 90 on thursday, which could happen, d 93 on friday, that would be, hey, yet another heat wave. 80s on saturday. then cooling down sunday and into monday. again, this is going to be heat. much warmer than normal. but it's not goin to be oppressive like we had this sum zbl er. > what's one more heat wave? coming up in sports, nats [ music throughout ] [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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it was in the heat of the moment this afternoon. tonight he added that he didn't mean to offend anyone with his words. but he was worked up over the 30-27 overtime loss to the texans. he said he wants to follow the opponents best receivers ding the games the remainder of the season. hall was asked by head coach mike shanahan to take on more of a leadership role the start of the season. now he's making it clear from here on out he's going to be wherever the ballis going. not necessarily manning his side as is the defense's strategy, defensive coordinator jim has lick uses. hall was paying opposite andre johnson when he scored that 34-yard touchdown paz. he said he's going to talk t hazlett and is confident about the outcome. >> it don't matter what he said. it don't mat whater what he sai. it's my opinion. i'm going to follow the receiver
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around. give me enough opportunities, i'm going to make plays. that's how it is. i didn't have no opportunities to make any plays. that's frustrating. it's frustrating to go out there, be up 17 points and still lose a game. like i said, i don't care if they catch 20 balls. you throw it 20 times my way, i'm going to make you plays. >> strong words from hall. monday night football now. 49e 49ers. jerry rice had his jersey retired. qb alex smith. he needs a good season. deep to former dunbar high and maryland grad. still in the third. 14-9, san fran. saints answer. drew brees to david thomas. to baseball. since the all-sar break, houston has had the second best winning percentagin the national league.
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the nationals knew they faced a challenge tonight. that it was. the nats had a 2-1 lead. but three errors led to four unearned runs in the fifth inning. houston, by the way, scor seven runs total in the fifth. their highest scoring inning of the season. nationals fall, 8-2. bottom of the first. two on for adam dunn. he sends it down the right field line. adam kennedy scores easily from second. the ball gets into the corner. ryan zimmerman would score all the way fromfirst. the nationals are able to take a 2-0 lead on dunn's 94th and 95th rbi. this is the several night in a row, basically, that they've had a strong lead but haven't kept it. bottom of the second. nobody on for adam kennedy. still 2-0. flips the fly ball shallow center. look at that catch. full extension. >> that's good stuff. >> pitcher bud norris applauds the effort. subbing for gold glover michael
11:27 pm
bourn. adam dunn makes a good play. thinks about going to third but goes to first. dunn's throw,ot much better. chris johnson would score on the error. the nats lost seven runs in the fifth. they fall to the astros, 8-2. you got to think they're ready for this season to be done. >> the sooner e better. >> yes. >> thank you, lindsay. coming up next, more than 100 people hurt with some bleachers gave way in brazil. i'm done with all these lists.
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more than # 100 people were injured when a set of bleachers collapsed in brazil. the crowd was there to watch a race on sunday. officials say abou 200 people were on those bleachers when it went down. six people taken to hospitals. some of them in serious condition. rush ho traffic came to a complete stop in atlanta when a small plane landed on an interstate highway. the plane me an emergency landing on interstate 85. the plane had some minor damage, but it didn't hit any vehicles. the pilot was not hurt. coming up, we're going to america saves on dunkin', amer, with three freshly baked bagel twists for only $3, like our delicious new tomato basil or set chocolate chip, so grab three for 3 today. [ ding! ]
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another dumb robber made it easy for cops to catch him in lexington, kentucky. he left a trail of coins. two men held up a restaurant as a third man stood outside as a lookout. when they left they dropped
11:34 pm
coins out of the register as they ran off. cops followed the trail of coins, found one of the robbers hiding. police are now searching forhe two acmplices. don't you know, it won't take them long. if he's dumb enough to do that, he's certainly going to give them up at his first oportunity. case is closed. "tonight show" is next. >> good night. [ cheers and applause ]

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